Tuesday, 2/3/15

Our Gospel opens with Jesus telling his disciples to observe whatever the Pharisees tell them to do, because the Pharisees had inherited the authority of Moses. In the same way we must honor fathers and teachers for the position they hold. 

The Gospel then turns to telling us that while we need to pay respect to parents and to teachers whom God has put over us, those individuals should not let their God-given position lead them to having puffed up personal views of themselves.

That notion could put you in mind of the English victory at Agincourt where only the French had cavalry, and where they outnumbered the English three to one.  We might particularly prize the  Latin hymn that England’s Henry V commanded his victorious troops to sing. It was,

Non nobis domine, domine
Non nobis, Domine
Sed nomine, sed nomine
Tuo da gloria

A literal translation would be “Not to us, Lord, Lord. Not to us. Lord. But to thy name, to thy name, to thine give Gloria.”

If you Google “Non nobis Domine” you can see and hear a wonderful clip of the hymn from Shakespeare’s “Henry the Fifth.”

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