We must love what the Lord loves.

Monday, 2/23/15

In giving the Ten Commandments to Moses, God said, “Be holy, for I, The Lord, your God, am holy.”

There was no democracy in the time of Moses. In was a hostile world where “just to be safe” you killed a stranger who wandered into your field. It was the fearful reputation of your leader that kept you safe. In turn, you followed him in everything: wearing the same garb be wore, modeling every aspect of our behavior after his.

Chapter Nineteen of Leviticus repeated the Ten Commandments, even adding a few more. Significantly that chapter opened with God saying, “Speak to the whole community, and tell them, ‘Be holy, for I the Lord, your God, am holy.

Then, giving thirteen commandments for the people to observe, he followed each with the reminder, “I am the Lord,” or “I am the Lord, your God.”

The Bible is telling us that God was not arbitrary in telling us not to steal or curse. Rather, the Bible is saying that such things are forbidden because they go against God’s own intimate nature.

As Christians we must honor the rights of others because God himself honors the rights of every man and woman.

If e move to a consideration of today’s Gospel passage, the same things holds there. We must act kindly towards those in need because Our Lord feels kindly toward them.

We must keep remembering how St. John wrote, “God is love.”

We must be loving because our Lord is loving. That seems to be the underlying message in all that Pope Francis has been telling us.

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