The Jews were not the only ancient people who had mysterious dealings with God.

Tuesday, 2/17/15

We are all familiar with the Bible story of God, dissatisfied with humanity, deciding to drown us. In our story, God decided to save one just man along with pairs of is animals.

We are not as familiar with the "Legend of Gilgamesh," an ancient version of this story that had been circulating two thousand years before the Bible was written. In that story there were many gods, and one of them, Ea, wanted to save a just man named Utnapishtim, so he told him to build an enclosed boat for saving him, his family, and pairs of animals.

The story in Genesis so closely follows that ancient Legend of Gilgamesh that it even copies such details as having the man send out first a raven, then a dove, to see if the waters were reeding.

At first we are disappointed when we hear that some of our favorite Bible stories are copies, but we should come to be happy with hearing that God had dealings with many other ancient peoples, not with just the Jews.

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