Cain and Able were not the first persons born in our world.

Monday, 2/16/15

The Bible’s story of Cain and Able, like Our Lord’s parables, was inspired by God, but it was not factual. The Jewish storytellers who gave us the tale of Cain and Able were shepherds, not dirt-farmers, so they made a shepherd the story’s innocent victim.

Thomas Aquinas taught us that God is pure beauty, goodness and truth. That rightly leads us to consider anything beautiful and good as Godlike. Just as rightly, scientist, in searching out hidden truths, bring us closer to God.

We should honor the Archaeologists who have meticulously searched through the remains of ancient cities and camps, to uncover for us the tools of the earliest civilizations.

They have found that up to 10,000 b.c. there were no permanent camps. People, known as hunters and gatherers, were obliged to follow the migration of animals and   the growth seasons of berries and wild grains. (Many old and very young people were left behind in those wanderings.)

From 9,000 b.c. people in the Zagros hills between Iraq and Iran domesticated sheep, keeping them in pens of rubble stones. From 8,000 b.c. in Jericho they began gathering grain and planting it, using natural glass obsidian for sickles. From in 7,000 b.c. they began making pottery.

We are not being irreligious when we doubt that story in Genesis that pictures God making leather garments to cover the nakedness of our first humans. 

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