At parting we leave people with good advice.

Saturday, 2/7/15

Our first reading today concludes a month’s of excerpts from the “Letter to the Hebrews.” In saying goodbye to his readers, the Apostle loaded them with good advice about being good, about sharing, about obeying superiors.

I was taking off on a trip two days ago, and the ladies at church gave me advice about dressing warm, about watching my schedule, about getting plenty of sleep.

It reminds me of a talk show I once heard on my car radio. The MC was interviewing a man who was taking pills to bring about a sex change. The MC asked if the pills were having any noticeable effects, and the guest answered, “There have been two effects so far. One is that my body fat has migrated from my shoulders to my hips. The other is that I can’t see anyone leaving the house without warning them, ‘Now, you be careful!’” 

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