You and i should walk humbly through God's immense, mysterious world.


Our Lord spoke of the miraculous growth of crops from the seeds a farmer casts on the ground. He said God brings about the transformation while the farmer sleeps. Even after taking college courses on the way those seeds multiply it is hard for us to picture.

Once, talking to the parish ladies, I said scientists gage our universe to be 96 billion light years in width, with a light year being the distance a beam of light traverses in a year going at 186,ooo miles a second.

To that, Gladys While said, “We do not want to hear such things. It’s just two big for us.”

It’s not just outer space that is beyond our comprehension. Gladys doesn’t often get out from her nursing home, but on a busy day if you or I get out and move about in this large city of ours we might brush against a thousand new people.

Each person has his or her own world. Each would have hundreds of relatives and friends. Each, of the strangers we brush by was formed by the coming together of a male and female seed, while being created in God’s image,. Each of them has either a tortured or a benign personal relationship wit God.

As Gladys put it, “It’s just too big for us.” And, that realization should force us to walk humbly in God’s world. 

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