Jesus saved us by fully resisting a hundred thousand temptations.

Wednesday, 1/14/15

The readings today speak of the beautiful humanity of Jesus. The first reading explains that Jesus had to be fully human for him to represent all of us in making up for our sinful lives.

In the Gospel we see his humanity being unable to say no to the needs of other humans. Then, at the end of the long day, on finding sleep not enough to bring his strength back, he rose, and going out to the hills, he sought refreshment from his Father.

Returning to the first reading, we read, that Jesus might represent us because, “He was tested through what he suffered.” This thought is repeated with added strength in Chapter Four of “The Letter to the Hebrews” where it says, “He was tempted in every way the we are.”

The Catholic translators held back from saying Jesus was tempted. They water it down by saying he was tested. However, it was only by his resisting temptations that he saved us. As we read in verse ten of the Sixth chapter of Paul’s Letter to the Romans,” Jesus saved us by dying to sin. He saved us by fully resisting a hundred thousand temptations to sin. 

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