Jesus had to learn obedience,

Monday, 1/19/15

The first reading today speaks of the priesthood, then, it goes on to speak of how Jesus fulfilled the role as a priest.  

Speaking of priests in general, this passage from “The Letter to the Hebrews” said that a priest must be as human as the humans he represents. While the priest prays for forgiveness for their sins he also prays to have his own sins forgiven.

Moving on to Jesus, the reading tells us that although he was sinless, in every other way he was the same as us, the people he represents. No other passage in the New Testament goes as far in describing the human side of Jesus.

Son though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered..

So, even Jesus had to force himself to be obedient. My, my! What an idea!

When he was made perfect . . “ Goodness gracious! We never thought of him as anything short of perfect.

What this means in that instead of seeing Jesus as always being way up there in the clouds, we should think of him as being a sympathetic shoulder for us to cry on when people behave badly to us, and when our own desires are hard to control. 

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