He m must increase. I must decrease.

Saturday, 1/10/15

Today’s Gospel features the disciples of John the Baptist who resent the popularity of Jesus that had come to overshadow that of John.

When they urged John to assert his fame he resisted. Compared to Christ, he said he was like the best man at a wedding who wants nothing other than the happiness of the groom.

In regard to Jesus, John famously declared, “He must increase. I must decrease.”

I, as a person who daily present myself before a group who just my worth or lack of worth, am always anxious that people think well of me.

Am I wrong in think that every last one of us is concerned with people thinking well of the big ME?

Personally, I find it shocking to so often be wondering about how I rank in comparison to others. But, the commandment tells you to love your neighbor as yourself, not more than yourself. God has given each of us a self to care for. Somehow, like John the Baptist we must do it, without overdoing it.

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