Who are our lost sheep, and how do we bring them back?

Tuesday, 12/9/14

Jesus told us to go in search of the lost sheep, bringing them back. But just who are the lost sheep, and what is meant by bringing them back?

Do we class as lost sheep the former Catholics who are  settled into living with someone to whom they are not married? What about nominal Catholics settled into homosexual arrangements. Are they still our sheep?

And, what does Jesus mean by bringing them back? Does bringing them back necessarily mean their breaking off their non-blessed unions? Must they go to thorough confessions so as to be recognized as living in the state of grace?

Most of our families have black sheep. We put up with their shenanigans because they are family. Should we in the same way embrace fallen-away-Catholics, telling them the Church will  be home to them no matter what?

We all know strict fathers who say, “If you don’t want to live by my rules, then get out of the house.” Is that the church’s policy? I’m just asking.

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