We need time with God to keep the world's filth from becoming part of us.

Tuesday, 12/16/14

The first reading comes from 600 B.C. when Jerusalem had given itself over to wickedness. Zephaniah described it as, rebellious, polluted, and tyrannical.

That put me in mind of a discussion I had on the bus yesterday. A father of five, a worker for W.W. Gay Sheet Metal Company, had moved his parcel, making room for me next to him.

When the bus stopped to pick up passengers at F,S.C.J I saw that a ruffian had joined us. The ruffian and I had been together other mornings, with both of waiting for a bus. Those mornings I had been amazed at the string of mean, filthy things he kept coming up with. I wouldn’t want to quote him word for word. We have all heard our fill of the dirty things ruffians come up with.

With the guy taking his stand up front, and with him glaring around at us with dislike, I noticed that the sheet metal worker sitting next to me was shaking his head. He seemed to have had his own experiences with the foul speaking guy.

The sheet metal worker whispered to me,  “He must never go to church.”

I said, “Yeah. Do you go?”

“I haven’t been,” he said, “But I’m going to start up again.”

I was impressed with that little interchange. It was obvious to that metal worker, that we need to give God a chance to tell us that we are all his children, made in his image. Otherwise the filth of the world will fill us up completely.

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Anonymous said...

Two things Father. first, I love your use of the word "ruffian". Secondly, here you were on a bus, and your seatmate makes a comment about going to Church. Did he know that you are a Priest? God bless, TCL,

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