there is nothing in the hearts of old people like Simeon and Anna to keep them from seeing God.

Tuesday, 12/30/14

Yesterday, the fourth day of Christmas, our attention was drawn to the four-day-old Jesus. We mused over what might have been going on in his mind, and we mused over what might be going on in the minds of all infants before they learned any words for expressing their thoughts.

For an insight into their infant minds I recalled the words of Vatican II, paragraph 18 of the final document where it said, “The dignity of man rests above all in this that he is called to communion with God. The invitation to converse with God is addressed to him at the first moment of his being.”

That tells us that infants communicate with God in a non-verbal way.

Today’s Gospel draws our attention to those at the other end of our life spans. Anna, the prophetess felt drawn to the Temple each day, and when Mary and Joseph brought in their baby it was only the two oldest persons in the temple, Simeon and Anna were able to recognize him.

This Gospel story alerts us to recognizing the spiritual worth of older people who are no longer led astray into thoughts of getting ahead of others. Being free from the need to find mates and business roles in life, their minds and hearts are set free to recognize what really counts.  

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