When you are in trouble, if you ask God for the right thing to say words will be given to you.

Wednesday, 11/26/14

Jesus told his followers that when they were handed over to judges they should not worry about what they could say, because words will be given to them.

The Latin for “will be given,” is dabitur, and that gives rise to one of the old priest jokes. Of priests who preach without making any preparation we would say that they depended on the dabitur.

 Back in the old days when priests offered Mass with their backs to the people, one old priest confessed, “When I turn around to preach I never know what I am going to say, and when I turn back to the altar I never know what I did say.”

Apart from those old jokes, there is something worthwhile that we learn from Jesus promising to give us words. He could give us his words when we are before judges only because  that channel for speaking through us was open before he used it. Since he could give you words on those dire occasions, then he can give you help  any other time when  you need it.

Take confidence in the fact that you are never alone. At every time calling for a difficult decision, just ask the Lord for the right words and they will be given to you.

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