Be fully attentive to Jesus when you welcome him into your house.


The centurion who asked Jesus to help his paralyzed servant was a very high officer and a non-believer, still he realized that he was nothing in comparison to Jesus. He knew he was too unclean and too imperfect to welcome Jesus into his house.

Shouldn’t that be a warning for us, telling us not to be careless and unprepared for Jesus coming to us in Holy Communion?

I have always liked the way the Church leaves it up to us to receive Communion either in our mouths or in our hands. It isn’t a group activity for which we should be kept in line. No, it is a private thing in which each of us pays host to Jesus. 

Don’t you feel uncomfortable and unwanted when you have been invited somewhere, and then have been ignored by your host? Don’t be that way with Jesus. Prepare for his coming, and open your heart to him all the way.

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