Advent is a time for celebrating God's coming to us, but not only at Christmas

Sunday, 11/30/14

Today is the first day of Advent, a word which means “He is coming,” and it refers to the Lord coming to us. We like to restrict Advent to preparing us for the Lord’s coming to us on Christmas in 2014, but the Church does not oblige us there. No, she uses a wide range of readings at Mass during Advent to prepare us for his coming in many different ways.

He came into the world back in the year One. He will come in power and glory at the end of the world. Today’s Mass warns that he will come for each of us individually on the last day of life for each of us. 

But perhaps it is foolish of us to wonder when God will come to us. I say that because he is never away from us, we know this because St. Paul assures us that “God is not far from any of us, for in him we live and move and have out being.”  

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