Pope Francis is urging us to take the emphasis away from avoiding sin, and putting it on the need to help the needy.

Sunday, 10/26/14

Today’s readings urge us to be good Christians by aiding aliens, widows, and the poor, by being honest in business dealings.

While this is the kind of good advice we have been hearing in church all our lives, it still represents the turn of mind that Pope Francis is urging on us.

It is a little different from the type of good Catholic behavior held up to us when we were growing up. Then, rather than being told over and over that we must been mindful of the needy, we were being cautioned against sins that would take us out of the state of sanctifying grace. We were most often told of the need to get to frequent confession to be absolved from the mortal sins we committed by thoughts against holy purity.

We were to examine out consciences ever evening, while leaving the good deed a day to the Boy Scouts of America.

We were like housekeepers whose furnishings, china, and silverware were always in spick and span readiness for guests they never invited.

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