Jesus wept for you and me.

Thursday, 10/30/14

Jesus looked down on Jerusalem and tears came tom his eyes as he mourned for the sad fate she was bringing on herself.

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how many times I yearned to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood together under her wings.”

What was this Jerusalem for which Jesus wept?

Let me tell you one of my old Korean experience that comes to my mind in connection with the love Jesus had for the Jerusalem. In the early fifties, following on the war over there, I was stationed in a province of mud brick houses with straw roofs.

Then twice a year I’d catch a ride into the capitol of our province, with the last two hours of it taking us over the rutted roads cut into a succession of five mountains. On clearing the  fifth mountain we would spot the tower of the cathedral with its shining roof. And for me it was something like the thrill that came over the boy Jesus when surmounting the last hill Jerusalem came in to view for the holy family.

 As well, the Jerusalem for which Jesus wept was the combined peoples of the Old and New Testaments who have repeatedly gone astray.

Finally, borrowing John Donne’s metaphor, it might not be necessary for you to send to know for whom Jesus wept, because he wept for thee. 

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