We pray today for the over three thousand people who lost their lives thirteen years a go today. As well, we pray for their families for whom the grief and deprivations live on.

Thursday, 9/11/14

Today we pray for the people killed in al-Quaeda’s heartless 9/11 attack thirteen years ago today. In the twin towers and the surrounding buildings there were over three thousand souls for whom we pray, As well, we must not forget their families whose grief and deprivations live on.

Three hundred and forty-three fire fighters and seventy-two policemen gave their lives trying to save victims. The death might have been more gruesome for the two hundred and twenty-seven passengers on the two planes. They had minutes to dread the death rushing at them, with some of them sending fearful  final phone messages to their families. Equally pitiable were the more than two hundred whose leaps for safety from the twin towers had no successes.

When we pray for the dead we always like to remember them by name, but that would be difficult with all of 9/11’s victims. A hundred and eighty-nine office workers met instant annihilation when Flight 77 crashed into in the West face of the Pentagon. It would be good if we knew their names and saw their sweet faces, but all we can do for them is to beg our dear Lord to care for them now. 

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