We must look out for each other.

Sunday, 8/7/14

The readings today tell ordinary Catholics that they can’t leave things to the priests. The second reading tells them that all that is required of them is that they love one another.

I am a great fan of the twenty-three hundred bishops who filled their places in St. Peters for three month straight in 1962, 1963, 1964, and 1965. They did more than fill those benches. They carefully considered and voted on every aspect of our Faith.

Like, at the first session they listened to the Curia explain how the Church is a self-contained society governed by the hierarchy. Those twenty-three hundred bishops voted that out, demanding a truer image for what Christ meant his Church to be. So, the next time around the image they accepted for what Christ means his church to be was, “The Church is the People of God.”

The Gospel tells us we all must look out for each other. Small groups of us should take care of our problems between us. If that fails, Jesus tells us to bring them to the whole church made up of all our groups.

In the third world that lacks big church buildings the Catholics know each other better, and they look out for each other more than we do in America. We must make up for our bigness by getting to know everyone kneeling near us. Knowing them, we get on to looking out for each other.

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