The parables about seeds suggest that we look at seeds themselves as God's ingenuous creations.

Saturday, 9/20/14

In the first reading today Paul asked us to picture a simple little seed that once planted would be transformed into a bush so large that birds could nest in its branches. In the Gospel Jesus too asks us to picture a seed or a handful of seeds. In Our Lord’s parable the seeds represented God’s initial gift of Faith. It too, if well received and nourished, can be transformed into something large.

Rather than following up how Paul and Jesus used seeds as metaphors for earthy bodies or for the gift of Faith, lets just look at the seeds themselves as little miracles that witness to the wisdom of the creator.

Google tells us that each seed has its own DNA, and each DNA molecule is made up of intertwined atoms of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorus. Google tells us there are over 200 billion of these atoms in each DNA molecule. Isn’t that enough to keep us busy contemplating the wisdom of God that put all that together? 

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