God has endowed us with the families, friends and faith that makes the light of God's world, and he wants us let to let our privileges shine on those still in darkness.

Monday, 9/22/14

Without being accused of pride, we middle class American Catholics can lay claim to being the light of God’s world, and it would be sinful for us to hide our light under a basket.

Look at what we have received: good education, healthy food, the example of wise loving teachers and older family members, a grounding in the Sermon on the Mount, and the love of Mary endowed on us from the cross.

As I say, without being guilty of pride, we can call ourselves the light of the world. And, we must ask, “Did God make us his light so that he could hide us under a basket?” No, he wants us to use our gifts to bring light and happiness to those of his children who need it most.

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