Christ promised that he would rise from the dead, and that we would rise. His keeping that first promise guarantees he will keep the second one.

Friday, 9/19/14

We can think of St. Luke as a ladies man. He is the only one who gives us the story of Mary’s visit from Gabriel, and of Mary’s visit with Elizabeth. In today’s reading he mentions another Mary, along with Joanna and Susanna, as being among the many women who traveled with the Apostles, providing for them from their own means.

Turning to Paul’s remarks, we must note that he had an advantage over us in  speaking about Christ. Christ had appeared to him, and had made himself felt as a continuous presence in Paul’s life. In today’s reading Paul used that familiarity to back up, his point that there is really life after death.

Even among so-called believers Paul was encountering people who couldn’t believe there could be life after death. Paul reminded them that Jesus made two promises. He promised that he would rise, and that we would rise.

If Christ had not kept that first promise there would be no reason to believe he would keep the second promise; but since he has risen and has been seen by many, there is no reason to doubt he will keep his second promise. He will see to it that we will all find happiness beyond the grave. 

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