When we work full blast we are happy all over.

Wednesday, 8/27/14

Paul told us, “If anyone was unwilling to work, neither should that one eat.”

Pondering over our need to work, I suddenly recalled something said by the priest teaching us Philosophy seventy years ago.

He said, “According to Aristotle, our faculties achieve happiness through work,” and like many other things he told us, that made no sense.

It sounded like he was saying that he and the other priests on our faculty would be happy if they did a little work, but that couldn’t be it. 

He gradually made us understand that by our faculties he meant all our mental and physical equipment. My faculty of memory is happy when I put it to the task of memorizing. My faculty of thinking is happiest when I give it a real problem to work out. My physical faculties are happy when I go all out exercising them in walking, lifting, pushing.

It’s like Our Lord’s parable about the talents. Our talents are all the good things our personalities are equipped with, and our eternal happiness will be proportioned to how we worked with them.  

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