We all can be laborers in Our Lord's harvest field.

Tuesday, 7/8/14

In the Gospel Jesus, looking at the mass of people around him, had pity on them, saying that they were “troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd.

It makes you wonder if he would say the same thing today about the masses of humanity you see crowding onto buses or filling the aisles at Wal-Mart?

I imagine he would. Getting back to the Gospel, Jesus then asked us to pray to God to send out laborers for this harvest of souls. I take that to mean that as laborers in his harvest we must share in the task of giving guidance to the aimless people milling around us.  

But how do we give guidance to people who are like lost sheep? 

Well, each of us can’t stand out in front like heroes. But that isn’t necessary. Jesus asked for teams of laborers for his harvest fields. With each of us doing what is right, God can use us to clear the weeds out of his fields.

Let’s not under estimate the good he does through us. Hugh attends four AA meetings a week, and those meetings take people who have been slipping, putting them back on their feet for doing good jobs.

At Panera’s the other day I ran into the dean of studies at Bishop Snyder. She was lunching with the Fifth Grade teacher from Assumption. Every day those two round up lost sheep, giving them the happiness of following the Good Shepherd.

Just by being sensible we can give the Good Shepherd a hand. My barber’s teenage daughter was talking about getting a tattoo. I told her, “Your taste keeps changing through your teens, twenties, and thirties; but that tattoo from your teens just stays on.” She said, “That’s funny. I guess I don’t want a tattoo that’s going to keep me from changing.”

We should all thank God for letting us be laborers in his harvest field.     

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