Today's readings show us God's tenderness.

Monday, 7/7/14

God’s sweetness comes through today’s readings. In the first reading Hosea’s wife Gomer had strayed, but rather than disown her, Hosea said, “I will allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart.” But although Hosea seemed to be speaking of his own marriage, he was really inspired to speak for God who is telling us he is always ready to give us another chance.

The Gospel showed Jesus more than willing to defer to others. He had a throng of people listening to his words when a father came to him, asking him to see to  his dying child. Jesus immediately dropped what he was doing to go along, Then, when the hemorrhaging woman had been cured he gave the credit to her, and to her strong faith.

In his account of Our Lord’s dealing with the obviously dead child, St. Mark preserved the Aramaic words Jesus spoke.

Taking the child by the hand, he said, “Talitha koum!” or  “Little girl, get up!”

Then, pulling the child’s mother out of her sorrow and shock, Jesus told her to fix something for that child to eat.

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