To get a sharper picture of Martha we poke through what the Bible tells us about her.

Tuesday, 7/29/14

Today we take up that friendly relationship between Martha and Jesus, and we poke  through what the Bible tells us, wanting to come up with details that sharpen our mental picture of  Martha,  and incidentally of Jesus.

The Bible shows Martha to be a person on whom Jesus could pay a surprise visit, bringing with him a dozen hungry companions.  So, she was a highly capable person, but not a sickeningly sweet one either. She complained loudly about her sister not helping her with that crowd.

Now, Martha recognized that her brother Lazarus had a greater claim than she did on the love of Jesus. She did that by the note she sent him which said, “Master, the one whom you love is ill.”

After the arrival of Jesus on the scene, Martha, by calling Jesus “Lord,”  acknowledged the limits of her friendship with him. She went on then to exhibit unlimited faith by adding, “If you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

She then went on to show that her sister’s  intimate relationship with Jesus gave rise to no jealousy.  She ran to Mary, saying, “The master is here, asking for you.”

Finally, when they all had come to the tomb of Lazarus, and Jesus said, “Take away the stone,” Martha’s practical nature came out . She said, “Lord, there will be a stench. He has been dead for four days now.”

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