The way of the just is smooth.

Thursday, 7/17/14

Isaiah tells us, “The way of the just is smooth.”

 We all want a smooth life for enjoying good things as they come along.

Sitting back for a few moments why don’t you list the kinds of hindrances to your living a smooth life. I come up with four. They are hatreds, addictions, regrets, and frustrations.

Hatreds might be eliminated if we can accept the philosophical principle that in taking wrong and hateful measures the person always acts for what appears to be right. Our opting only for what seems right is as automatic as gravity.

Addictions are tough obstacles to the smooth life. Doing away with them takes major efforts, support from friends, and a foretaste of what the good life could be.

Regrets.  Feeling that weak people need to be forgiven, and admitting that I am such a weak person helps. Silently doing favors for those I have sinned against helps.

Frustrations are bits of unhappiness caused by being blocked. My friends have all heard my story about laughing at frustrations.

My story is about having an Irish nun in the front seat with me when I was pounding the steering wheel in my frustration over the traffic’s not letting me turn into a main road. It sounds insignificant, but Sister’s advice on dealing with frustrations has been one of the most useful things I have ever heard.

Referring to that flow of traffic, Sister Lawrentia said, “You can’t be angry about this. This is what is.” Life is smooth if you can just accept what is. 

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