God will bring on good times for us when we let him use us to bring them on.

Saturday, 7/5/14

The readings today promise better times for us. The Psalm foresees a time when “Kindness and truth will meet, justice an d peace will kiss.” Even that firebrand Amos, who has been prophesying doom all week long, now foresees a time when the Lord will seal up the breaches in our walls.

God is not going to come down to impose these good times on humanity. No, when his good times come, it will only be by God working through us. It will only happen when people like us respond to God’s promptings: when we let him open our hearts to the needy, when we follow his promptings to hold back our hands from profits we have not earned honestly.

A Christian is someone who makes himself or herself an agent through whom Jesus can continue carrying on the good works he performed when he was alive. 

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