God requires of us to do what is right, to love goodness, and to walk humbly with God.

Monday, 7/21/14

The prophet Micah has been assuring us that God put each of us on this earth to do his work, and that gave rise to our asking: what does God require of us.

In today’s reading Micah replies that God requires only that we do the right, that we love goodness, and that we walk humbly with out God. So, let’s take them one at a time.

First, then, how do we go about doing what is right? Well, we can’t always be doing great stuff. No, God requires us to lead lives that do ordinary things well. That means, we watch what we eat, we put in a good day’s work, we get enough sleep, and we are friends with everyone. God will certainly call on us to do important works, but we will be up to them only if we keep ourselves in shape: having the energy and the clear minds and the help of others that will be needed when God asks us to do something big.

Next, we must love goodness. We must love and support it in those around us who are doing their best, we must love the goodness in candidates for office who are trying to do what is right.  

Third, we must walk humbly with God. Each of us is limited entirely to what we see and hear with these eyes and ears, to knowing only what we personally feel. Those limitations trick each of us into the delusion of seeing ourselves as the center of its own world.

Walking humbly with God requires us to stop following our own faulty compasses. Of course, made in God’s image and likeness, we are above God’s other creatures. But during our hours of sleep we follow our crazy dreams around, and with our last breath we will accept the fact that we are not in charge. How much better for us would it be if right now we stop fooling ourselves, if we decide on walking humbly with the Lord.

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