To deepen our love for the Father we should do good for only him to see.

Wednesday, 6/18/14

In Chapter Six of his Gospel St. Matthew recorded three bits of advice Jesus gave against being showoffs.

He told us that when we give alms we shouldn’t let or left hand know what the right hand is doing. He said when we pray we are not to make a display of it. When we fast we should not advertise our abstemious ways.

It is easy to miss the point Jesus was making in telling us not to show off. It wasn’t just that he did not want us to be hypocrites. No, in warning us against showing off Jesus had something else in mind.

The finest thing in his life was the love he shared with the Father. He made a practice of secretly doing good just to please the Father. In this passage he was saying that our secret love affair with the Father should be the biggest thing in our lives too.

He said, “Your Father who sees in secret will repay you.” He will repay you by deepening that love he shares with you.

The title on one piece of sheet music on my mother’s piano back in the 1930’s was When You’re Away.  The lyrics went on about how life was dreary when the loved one was away.  Following on that, there was the line I think of as applying to me and the Father:

“Then when your near me, there’s naught that I strive to do, save to endear me more fondly my love to you.”

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