Jesus lifted his eyes over the disciples at the Last Supper, and he included us in the prayer he offered that night.

Thursday, 6/5/14

Today’s Gospel gives us the final part of Our Lord’s last prayer. After praying for the Apostles who were with him then, he said, “I pray not only for these, but also for those who will believe in me through their word.

Try imagining this scene by picturing Jesus in that upper room with the disciples and the women. Then, with him saying he prayed not only for those people but for all those who would come to believe, try picturing him lifting his eyes over those people  and seeing us in the far future. He was praying for us as much as he was praying for those physically with him. 

Jesus said he prayed that all of us might see the glory the Father gave him. That wish of his about our seeing his glory should give us pause. In speaking of our seeing him in his glory, Jesus was asking the Father to let us glimpse him as he is now in heaven now.

When we speak of Our Lord in his lifetime on earth, we call him “Jesus.” When we speak of him in heaven, in glory, we call him “Christ.” In that regard we might note that St. Paul never seemed to write about Jesus, he was always relating directly to Christ in glory.

While we are most fond of following Jesus through the Gospel stories, we should not neglect him as he is now, as Christ, listening to our prayers. 

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