Behold this heart that has loved so much, and has been loved so little in return.

Friday, 6/27/14

Maybe we are living in a different age, but the Catholics with whom I grew up were not attracted to the traditional pictures of Jesus with his physical heart revealed. What we have found most touching is his speaking to us about how much he loves us, is his asking us to love him back  

I hope you don't mind my using a line from a popular movie to bring out why his pleading with us is so endearing

The 1999 movie Notting Hill had a scene where Anna Scott, Hollywood’s biggest darling, said to an ordinary shopkeeper, William Thacker, “You must see that I am just a girl, telling a boy she loves him, asking him to love her.” 

It’s a scene that has had thousands of fellows taking William Thacker's place in their daydreams. 

The appearances of the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque had similar elements. Jesus, who is far far above us, comes to us with his love, asking only that we love him in return.

We cry out, "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we thee adore, Oh make us love you more and more!"

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