Three short passages in today's Gospel could have meaning for you personally.

Friday, 5/9/14

It might help us to think about three short passages in today’s first reading.

First. “Saul was still breathing murderous threats against the disciples.”

Saul was completely wrong, but completely sure of himself. He was  smarter than you or me. So, if it could be completely wrong, and completely sure of himself, it could happen to you. It could even happen to me.

Second. “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.”

Saul had never met Jesus, so he was not persecuting him personally. No, he was persecuting the followers of Jesus. But Jesus was saying that he was one with his followers. If we wage war against followers of the Lord we are really waging war against him.

Three. After Saul was carried into Damascus the Lord appeared to Ananaias, telling him to go baptize Saul. He told Ananias what his plans for Saul were: “I will show him what he will have to suffer for me.”

If the Lord has chosen you for a special mission, it might mean so much suffering that you might end up wishing he hadn’t chosen you.

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