Since Philip and James were highly familiar with Jesus, we should ask them to share that familiaity with us.

Saturday, 5/3/14

Today we honor the Apostle James, a cousin of Jesus. He was called James the Lesser because he was shorter than James the brother of John. He was a man of such strict observance that Peter watched himself when he was around James.

Today we also honor the Apostle Philip who was a fisherman from the same town as Peter, Andrew James and John. From his first meeting with Jesus, Philip recognized him as the one spoken of by Moses. He was the practical disciple who gave an estimate of what it would cost to feed that crowd of five thousand.

After the Last Supper Philip asked Jesus to show the Father to the Apostles. He said that would be enough for them. I would make a similar request. On their feast day I am asking Philip and James to show Jesus to us. We could pray, “You two were with Jesus day and night for three years, would you please share some of that familiarity with us?” 

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