We are made for heaven,not for live in the dust.

Wednesday, 4/2/14

One time, in speaking to a group of parish ladies, I was carried away in speaking of our solar system. I was saying it was just one of thousands of such systems in our galaxy, while our galaxy was just one of the universe’s thousands of galaxies.

One of the ladies interrupted me, saying, “Father, we don’t like thinking of things too big for us.” I think the trouble with today’s readings might be that they enter into matters too big for us.

The first reading came from the end of the seventy-year Babylonian captivity. The grandchildren of the original captives had grown up, and found contentment as   slaves  of Babylon. God’s prophet came among them, saying that they should give up their lives of comfortable servitude to make the long journey through wild country to the place where their great-grandparents had lived.

Most of the people said, “We are sure that Jerusalem must be very nice, but we have found ways to be comfortable here.”

We have somewhat similar feelings toward the way Jesus spoke in todays’ Gospel. The mysterious relationship between the Persons in the Blessed Trinity is all very fine, but a little too exalted for our minds to grasp.

We are like so many seeds. Given proper attention we can blossom into gorgeous flowers. Are we to say we are not interested? Are we to ask God to leave us in the dirt?

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