Today's Gospel is more a matter for contemplation than for meditation.

Tuesday. 4/22/14

Jesus told Mary Magdalene, “Go to my brothers and tell them. ‘I am going to my Father and your Father, to my God and our God.’”

Jesus was there speaking very much as a human, and that is evident from his referring to the Apostles not as his inferiors, or as disciples, but rather as his ‘brothers.”

That is also clear from the way he claimed no superior relationship with the Father and with God He said he was going to one who was equally Father and God to Magdalene.

But, the scene shows him in possession of two honors he did not share with the disciples, or with Magdalene. He was the only one they knew who had conquered death. He was the only one who could announce he was going to heaven. (Saying it the way you might say you were going to Orange Park.)

There are two similar types of mental prayer open to us. They are meditation and contemplation. In meditation we do what we have been doing here. That is, we take up words of Scripture, and we prayerfully ponder over their meaning.

In contemplation we hold our attention on God, silently hoping he will somehow speak to us from this scene. Today’s Bible passage is more a matter for contemplation than meditation. 

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