The purpose of Lenten fasts is to prepare us to really mean it when we renew our Baptismal Vows at the Mass on Easter.

Thursday, 4/10/14

Do you remember that at the Mass on Easter we never have the creed, the Profession of Faith? It is always replaced with our renewing our Baptismal Vows. We are asked if we renounce Satan and all his works? Do we believe the main tenets of our Faith?

It always seemed to me that while making those Vows belonged to the Baptism ceremony, they were out of place in the Eater Mass. But thirty years ago I read a papal document that set me straight on that. The documented stated that the whole purpose of Lenten fasts were to prepare us to be utterly sincere when we repeat our Baptismal Vows at Easter.

In these remaining days of Lent we must steel ourselves so that we mean it with all our hearts when we say we renounce all works of the devil, and we hold to the truths of the Faith. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I had never thought of our Lenten fasts like that. It makes a lot of sense. God bless, Theresa

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