Night time troubles, when they are on you, just fight them out with God.

Thursday, 4/3/14

Although we have been told to humbly accept bad fortune, the Bible praises patriarchs who argued with God.

In today’s reading from Genesis, God told Moses that he would so fed up with the Israelites that he was going down to destroy them. But God relented when Moses argued with him, saying God should not let his wrath blaze out against his own people. Of course God does not get angry, and he does not change his mind, but the story is there to tell us that God wants us to argue with him.

In Chapter 32 of Genesis Jacob had to repeatedly wade across the Jabbok River, carrying his wives, children, and belongings across. When he returned to the north bank the last time he was detained by a spirit who would not let him go. After wrestling through the night with him, the stranger changed Jacob’s name to Israel, meaning “the one who struggled with God.”

The moral of that night of struggling seems to be that when our troubles won’t let us sleep, we should frankly discuss them with God. When I had Sixth Grade kids do a play about this, I had them singing a verse to “Glory, glory, Halleluiah!”

They sang, “Night time troubles when they’re on you, just fight them out with God.”

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