The water flowing out from the temple is the life-giving grace we take from church out into the world.

Tuesday, 4/1/14

In his vision Ezekiel saw water seeping from the east face of the temple, and as he watched, the water became a stream, and then a river, flowing out from the temple hill. It cascaded down into the Arabah, which is a declivity in the earth’s through which the Jordan flows. Ezekiel saw the mystical river flowing further south, emptying itself into the Red Sea, and turning its salt waters fresh.

In his vision Ezekiel saw every form of fruit blossoming along the mystical river’s banks.

The health-giving river symbolized the life of grace which believers carry out with them from praying in the temple, or from attending Mass.

It is helpful, and encouraging for us to have a Bible passage like this one that can tell us of great quantity of good that is brought about by people who quietly go about visiting with the Lord.

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