Keeping the Lord's Day holy equips you to delight in the Lord, to ride on the heights, and to find nourishment in our heritage.

Saturday, 3/8/14

I feel that this passage from Isaiah, Chapter 58, gives us three fine reasons for keeping the Lord’s Day holy, and for going to Mass on Sunday.

The reading says that if you call the Lord’s Day holy, then, you will:

One, delight in the Lord. Since you have not neglected him, you can delight in your warm relationship with him.

Two, you will ride on the heights. That reminds me of the exhilaration of riding the Appalachian Trail 3000 feet above the Shenandoah Valley. At Mass you are high above the ugly smokestacks of the commercial world.

Three, you are “nourished with the heritage of Jacob.” That means you are uplifted by the Bible readings, and sometimes by the homilies.  

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