Isaiah said we should look forward to rounding out a full lifetime.

Monday, 3/31/14

Our first reading quotes the words of Isaiah who lived many centuries before Christ. In the words of Isaiah come down to us, we see no mention of a heavenly reward for good lives. Rather, Isaiah spoke of earthly blessedness.

In contrast, the Christian message through the Dark Ages had us getting quickly through the sorrows of this life, so that we might move on to heaven. We were told to scoff at this world’s pleasures, but, was it right for us to show no gratitude for what God gives us here below?

Isaiah would not have thought so. He had us looking forward to a blessed time when there would no longer be “an old man who does not round out his full lifetime.”

Jesus was of the same mind in that parable of the men who were entrusted with different numbers of golden talents. To the man who used his five talents to gain five more Jesus said, “Well done, good and faithful servant, come and possess the kingdom prepared for you.”

Isaiah would agree that we are meant to “round out full lives.” We should get the most out of this world’s gardens, its literature, its opportunities for friendships. We should round out our lifetimes.

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