"Is not life more than food?"

Sunday, 3/2/14

What did Jesus mean by asking, “Is not life more than food?

Taking that as a simple question, expecting a simple answer, you might say, “Of course, our lives are worth more than our food, why do you ask?

Well, what Jesus was getting at was that since God is wise enough and good enough to supply you with that wonderful life of yours, can’t you trust him to be wise and kind enough to supply it with a bit of grub?

Let’s look for a moment at the wisdom and kindness of God that went into providing you your life.

As for his wisdom, I don’t know enough about anatomy to summarize your body's wonders; but for starters, you should look at the trillion cells of your body, and look at the blood and nerve systems that make up the body God devised to give you life.

Each cell is a living organism on its own. The blood brings it the oxygen that fuels its life. The nerves bring cells their feeling, while relaying the feelings of your cells back to your brain.

Then, as to the goodness of God in giving you your life, you might consider the nature of goodness itself. There is nothing selfish about real goodness. Of its nature goodness must spread itself.

It would be brash of me to say that there is anything that God had to do, but we might say God’s goodness propelled him to create you. His love is such, that he could not keep it to himself, he just had to share his love with you.

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