We take a look at Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, and Fear of the Lord.

Saturday, 2/8/14

When Solomon asked for understanding, God gave him wisdom as well. Starting with those two qualities, let’s run through the six attributes of the Messiah as they are given to us in Chapter Eleven of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah.

Wisdom in the Bible is the habit of making choices that will lead to happiness in the long run. By Wisdom we avoid foolish choices that lead to eventual grief. 

Understanding is the habit of searching out the motives standing under the way people act. Since peopele always do what seems good to them. Understanding has us crediting them with good intentions.

Counsel is the habit by which we hold back our own views, willingly listening to what others have to say.

Fortitude is the habit of sticking with what is right. There was an old navy song that said, “If you have to take a lickin, carry on and quit your kickin, don’t give up the ship.”

Knowledge is the habit of being determined to get the facts. We are determined because  our choices of good or bad courses hinge on our Knowedge .

 Fear of the Lord is the habit of knowing that God watches the way a teacher at her desk watches. Isaiah tells us that God watching us is our delight.  

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