We are not salt. With God's help we can regain lost flavor.

Sunday, 2/9/14

In speaking of salt that has lost its taste, Jesus was referring to good people who have fallen into bad ways that rob them of their force for good. One example of that would be people who throw their lives away after they become hooked on drugs. I believe that something like six people out of seven can turn away from it after they have experimented with cocaine, while that seventh person is ruined.

A friend of mine, in looking for a topic for people in a writing class at our jail suggested that each write his or her life story. That produced some sad accounts of people who belonged to that easily addicted group. It was so sad to read about their loss of families, homes, and social standing. 

Bur while its flavor can never be restored to salt, people can change. Years ago, riding along, listening to the car radio, I was tuned into an interview of a famous therapist. The interviewer asked,

“After thirty years of listening to case after case does anything surprise you anymore?”

The therapist answered, “Yes, I am still surprised at how even hardened cases can  turn around.”

I had given up on my brother, an alcoholic who had relapsed badly time and again. Finally, he said he would give up drinking if we paid for him to make a fresh start in California. I advised against it, but my Dad put up the money, and it paid off. Eighteen years later I flew out there for an AA meeting at which one man and woman after another took the podium to say how they owed their reclaimed life to him. 

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