The Bible tells us of three types of wisdom, and all are from above.

Monday, 2/24/14

A week ago when we began reading these excerpts from the Letter of James I mentioned that while the Old Testament contains seven examples of Wisdom Literature, the Letter of Jams is the only example of it in the New Testament. I went on then say that in the Bible Wisdom is presented as the opposite of Folly. While Folly impels us to choose immediate pleasure, leading to eventual sorrow, Wisdom has us making choices that make us happy in the long run.

I had thought that to be an adequate explanation of Wisdom in the Bible, but last week’s readings made me aware of a second type of Wisdom. It is the Wisdom that comes to us when we learn from our mistakes.

Then, from today’s readings I learn about a third type of Wisdom. It is the Wisdom that comes from above when we prayerfully subject ourselves to his directing us.  “Wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, gentle, compliant, full of mercy and good fruits.” 

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