Pope Francis said that the trickle down theory doesn't work.

Thursday, 2/27/14

Jesus speaking about a glass of water puts me in mind of something Pope Francis said thirty years ago when he was a Jesuit priest down in Argentina.

He heard something President Ronald Reagan had said about the rich people in America. He had heard that President Reagan believed in a trickle down theory. That theory held that a nation’s wealth was like water poured into a glass, so that once the glass was full, the water or the wealth would spill over for everyone.

Father Bergoglio, as he was called back then, said the trickle down theory doesn’t work. He said that when their glass is full, the wealth doesn’t spill over. What actually happens with wealthy people is that when their glass gets full, by some miracle the glass just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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Anonymous said...

A very astute observation. The rich keep getting richer. Theresa

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