If you commit yourself to God his justice will dawn for you.

Wednesday, 2/12/14

The Responsorial Psalm tells you that things will go well for you if you if you commit yourself to God. “Commit to the Lord your way. He will make justice dawn for you like the light.”

Of course it is true, as our daily newspaper tells us, that all over the world there are good people for whom justice is not dawning.

But it is equally true that if you commit yourself to God’s will, you will not be creating unhappiness for yourself. You will not need to put up with gnawing guilt feelings while blaming yourself for having brought sorrow on your friends. You won’t even have to put up with hangovers.

A friend was telling me yesterday that in the years when he was obsessed by the thought of getting his next drink or his next fix, he had no awareness of the beauty of the world around him. While plodding along, cigarette in hand, he never looked up at the sky. By giving up cigarettes, he has been awarded the sight of glorious cloud formations, and justice has dawned for him like the light.    

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