We shoild not let our old ideas blind us to the truth straring us in the face.

Wednesday, 1/22/13

For me this Gospel story of the man born with a withered hand always brings up the memory of a boy named Calvin who lived on the next street to me when we were nine or ten.  His birth had left Calvin with something like a flipper instead of a right hand. Not up to the ball games that occupied us, Calvin gave himself over to country music. Back before country-western became a big thing, hillbilly music didn’t get any respect, and we all snickered at Calvin’s twangy singing.

Even as unsophisticated kids we had some sympathy for the life Calvin had before him. So, if we knew about this Gospel we would have been in sympathy with Our Lord’s pain at the sight of the man wit a withered hand.

In all likelihood the man was a plant. The Pharisees, being aware of Our Lord’s kind heart, pushed the man before Jesus to get him to break the rule against curing on the Sabbath.

This was one time when Jesus became really angry. What brought it about was  people who let their fixed notions blind them to the truth that was staring them in the face. The man with the withered hand had a heavenly father who could not have wanted anything more than the man’s happiness. 

The story should make us stand back from the conflicts we are engrossed in, asking God to let us see the truth that is staring at us.

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