How can we remain meek if we let our light shine before all?

Thursday, 1/30/13

When we hear Jesus telling us to let our light shine before all, we wonder if he wasn’t contradicting what he said earlier about “Blessed are the meek.” However, it is possible for a person to be meek at the same time he lets his light shine. I was talking with the secretary at St. Matthew’s yesterday, and we seemed to agree that their pastor, Father Jose, is a talented and leaned man who carries himself with meekness.

We can see a close similarity between Our Lord’s telling us to let our light shine, and his parable about the king giving his servants talents for them to work with in his absence. 

According to Jesus there are three things on which we will be judged at the end of our days. The first is whether or not we have kept his friendship by living in the state of grace. Another is whether we have aided his little ones in their times of need. And the third is this one about whether or not we have used our gifts  for good an to the fullest. 

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