We must build our lives on the foundation of Christ's Sermon on the Mount.

Thursday, 12/5/13

Jesus said that everyone who listens to his words and acts on them would be like a man whom built his house on rock. He said that at the end of his Sermon on the Mount, so the word we are supposed to act on are the Beatitudes, and everything he said about relying on God and about not praying or doing good just t be seen.

Let me tell one of my old Korean stories about building on rock. It is a story about Peter and Paul, two refugees from the north who found brides for themselves in the south. The couples had been sharing a single room, but then they set out to build a tworoom house for themselves, and I tried helping.

They started by digging three-foot holes for he corner posts, and they dropped a boulder from the river into each of the holes, sinking the posts onto them,

Peter’s wife Theresa was near giving birth, so he took her south to her family’s house for the birth, while I tried helping Paul finish the house. On the Black Market Paul bought a giant spool of communication wire that he wove into nets between the uprights, and I helped him slapping big handfuls of gooky clay on to the netting for walls. I also helped binding down armfuls of straw for the roofing.

We were hit by a typhoon that wiped out many houses in town, but our house built on those boulders stood firm.

All the houses in Theresa’s parent’s village were washed away, and she bore the baby while hanging on to a pine up on the hillside. Towards the end of June the two of them with the baby came through the mud from the south, and we had a wonderful dedication of the firm house on the feast o Sts. Peter and Paul, June 29, 1954. 

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